Monday, March 11, 2013

Why do people hear but don't listen?

I'm getting a little sick and tired of this one. Me: So the job at the Herald Democrat didn't work out. other: You never told me about that job. Me: Yeah I did. other: No. You didn't. Me: Remember I told you it smelt old and it was locked in the 70's? other: India, now you are just lying. Me: Huh? A fight ensued from there. Interesting enough the "other" called me the next day and asked me if the Herald Democrat called me back. Are you fucking serious? I thought we had this conversation last night and it was over. No. There are two things that come with a phone call like that: 1) They apologize but they end up telling you that your wrong. 2) They start in nice and blame you in the end. There is no point in fighting. I'm wrong, your right, I concede whether I agree or not. This I've learned to do. However, they keep beating the pink elephant in the room. Me. If you keep poking at a beast they eventually fight back.


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